Gourmet Fish & Chips with decadent home made Tartar Sauce.
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This gourmet fish and chips recipe by the talented Nick Moses is simple and elegant but most of all delicious! This dish could be straight off the menu of one of Cape Town’s best rated restaurants, which makes sense since that is nicks natural habitat. It’s true what they say, when it comes to seafood less is often more, simply fried in butter and paired with decadent home made tartar this dish will impress!


-200g portion of kingklip/ hake

-1 potato

-20ml corn flour

-1 egg

-125ml oil

-1 small pickle chopped 

-10ml lemon juice

-10ml chopped capers

-10ml chopped dill

-5ml Worcestershire sauce

-10ml dijon mustard

salt pepper to taste



-thinly cut potato into chips and place in salted ice water.

Tartar Sauce:

-place egg yolk in a bowl and 10ml dijon mustard. while whisking slowly pour the oil in to emulsify.

Once all the oil is added add the rest of the ingredients and mix.

Cooking Instructions:

-heat a frying pan. drizzle in cooking oil and place fish skin side down.

-allow skin to crips and then flip fish and cook for a further 20 seconds in foaming butter.

-remove from pan and plate

-pat chips dry and toss with 20ml corn flour.

-place in the fryer and fry until golden brown.

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