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Medium Peeled Prawns | 800g | CPT

Selected for their outstandingly sweet & juicy meat, generous size per prawn and deliciousness. They come pre-cut, deveined and peeled - making them ready to…

R 275,00

4 Kingklip Portions | (220-250g Per Portion) | CPT

Our popular Kingklip portions are even in thickness and boneless, making for quick preparation and easy eating. The raw flesh varies from a pearly white…

R 245,00

Cleaned Calamari Tubes & Tentacles | 500g Pack | CPT

Our premium quality Loligo, salt water squid is packaged as 70% tubes and 30% heads (tentacles). It is caught off the coast of Spain, Argentina…

R 159,00

Skinless, Boneless Kingklip Fillets (1kg) | CPT

Our popular Kingklip fillets are skinless and boneless - making for quick preparation and easy eating. The raw flesh varies from a pearly white to…

R 175,00

Large Wild Caught Argentinian Prawns 750g Bag | CPT

Our large Argentinian red Prawns are sea-frozen, sealing the nutritional value, moisture and taste in, ensuring maximum freshness. Argentinian Prawn meat is deliciously tender with…

R 259,00

5 Norwegian Salmon Portions | 200g each | BULK DEAL

Norwegian Salmon is known for its clean fresh-taste, moist flaky meat and bright orange colour. Sourced from an ASC certified Salmon farm in Norway, our…

R 489,00

Hake Fishcakes | 6 Pack | 600g (100g per cake) | CPT

Our Hake Fishcakes are made from the very best quality Hake. The Hake used comes from Sea frozen skinless hake fillets ensuring top quality which…

R 125,00

Calamari Goujons | 500g Pack | CPT

Our Calamari Goujons are tender calamari strips with savoury Southern-fried spice. This product is a perfect snack, for guests or the kids. Our premium quality…

R 109,00

2 Yellowtail Portions | (280/320g per portion) | CPT

Our yellowtail amberjack is caught locally on a long line, which is then blast frozen to retain quality. Yellowtail has pale pink flesh with firm,…

R 145,00

4  Hake Portions | Skin-on | (200/250g per portion) | CPT

Our wild-caught Hake portions are expertly cut from the thickest parts of the fish, removing the skin and bones to leave you with a prime-cut.…

R 179,00

"What a treat!"

As someone with Portuguese roots, prawns have featured on our table over the years. They need to be cooked well but more importantly, if superior quality and that’s what these were. Accompanied with peri peri, olive oil and lemon, it was a match made in heaven. Thank you for providing such a great quality product.

Sharon Pereira

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One Bag Full

For every order placed we donate 3 meals.

One Bag Full was founded in April of this year in response to the need to feed those affected by Covid 19. Their founding principle has been and remains, that although we cannot feed everyone, together everyone can feed someone.

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From the ocean or farm to your cutting board, we work tirelessly to ensure the entire process is as environmentally friendly, sustainable, and delicious as possible.

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