Atlantic Golden Crab Claws | 500g | JHB

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Our golden crabs claws are from a large, non-swimming crab found in the Gulf of Mexico and the South Atlantic Ocean’s deep waters. This exotic crab’s white meat and delicate flavour complement a wide range of seafood flavours. Order our Atlantic golden crab claws today, and get it delivered straight to your door!

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  • You will receive 20/25 frozen crab claws in a 500g bag.¬†
  • Keep refrigerated¬†
  • Uncooked¬†
  • Ziplock sealed bag
  • Cleaned claws, ready to cook (Claw tips remain, we recommend keeping for certain cooking)


We recommend steaming golden crab claws with melted butter. This is the preferred method of preparation. It can also be used in blue crab or stone crab recipes, as well as many lobster and shrimp dishes. We also recommend preparing the claws in a crab curry.

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