Crumbed Sole with Broccoli Cheese Sauce 500g | JHB

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Our Canadian soles are one of the best eating flounders species in the world. This fish has a beautiful white flesh and a delicate mild & sweet flesh. Our soles are pre-dressed meaning that they have had their skin and fins removed, as well as dusted with a light crumb and filled with a delicious Broccoli and Cheese sauce! Great for the whole family to enjoy!

These nuggest are typical sized, made from our popular canadian sole. There are stuffed with cheese and spinach.


The sole is one of those fish that the less you do with it the better it is. Due to its white moist flesh, it retains its flavour and its firmness beautifully. The buttery flesh falls right off the bones which makes it especially satisfying and easy to eat.


Orange Listed – View Canadian Sole Sustainability Review

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