Peeled and Cleaned Argentinian Prawns 400g | JHB

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Our famous Argentinian red prawns are sea frozen sealing the nutritional value, moisture and taste ensuring maximum freshness. They are also not glazed like most others in the market with the net weight reflecting the true weight of the prawns. On arrival they are then de-shelled locally and deveined to ensure the best quality prawn meat is left behind. They are a cold water premium shrimp species found in the southwest Atlantic from Brazil to Argentina. 

You will recieve a vaccumed packed, 400gs of cleaned, peeled (tails removed) and ready to cook prawn tails. 


Argentine Red Prawn meat is deliciously tender with a sweet taste ideally cooked on the braai, pan-fried, in the oven or as sushi or sashimi. 


These prawns will be one of a select few certified sustainably caught, wild-caught prawn species in the world. 

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