Salt & Pepper Squid Bites | 500g Pack

R 179,00

A blend of pepper and spiced batter perfectly compliment each other with the mild taste of our natural Squid. The tender squid meat with lightly breaded outer shell will definitely tantalise your taste buds just when its scrumptious look feasts the eye. Salt & Pepper Squid has a succulent tender texture with a superb quality crispy coating. Perfect for all types of occasions. Order our Salt and Pepper squid online today, and get it delivered straight to your door! 

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  • You will receive a 500g pack of frozen Salt and Pepper squid bites
  • Uncooked
  • Frozen 
  • Ziplock bag sealed 
  • blend of pepper, salt and spiced batter

Delivery Info

We delivery in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria. Delivery times, dates and prices vary from location. Please look at the delivery info page for a more detailed breakdown on these topics.

Your product will delivered in a polystyrene cooler box, which is use commonly in the seafood industry to maintain temperature and more importantly quality. This helps ensure a seamless, cold-chain delivery process.

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