Whole Portuguese Sardines 1kg

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The oily fish has been a staple of the area’s trade and diet ever since the Romans discovered it in abundance off the coast. Widely available, a healthy source of protein and minerals and delicious to boot. These small fish are packed with nutrients that can be beneficial in the prevention of a number of health conditions. Some of these nutrients are known to help prevent heart disease or may protect against certain cancers.

Sardines are indeed fishy but that’s to be expected. They are meaty, dense, and oily in texture. All in all, the taste depends a lot on how they’re prepared or what they’re packed in. Good olive oil, water, or tomato sauce are rather nice. Freshly grilled sardines simply seasoned with sea salt, parsley, lemon juice and a touch of chilli are beautiful and tasty. Either pan-fry or grill them.

*These Sardines are frozen whole.

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