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1Kg Octopus Legs

R 225.00


Our Octopus is caught as bi-catch when fishing for hake, this species is Octopus Magnificus and Octopus Vulgaris, they are a deep water species caught at a depth between 110m and 800m deep. We remove the head and beak and package the legs as a 1kg pack. 



Octopus is delicious grilled, pickled or poached in its own juices. Octopus is found around the world on the tables of diverse cultures and prepared in traditional ways that include Japanese Takoyaki, Masala’d in Mauritius, grilled or braised with olive oil, garlic, lemon and oregano in the Mediterranean, braaied over coals in South Africa and much more. 



This is an Orange Listed species on the SASSI List - Read the full report

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