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Hake Fishcakes | 6 Pack | 600g Pack

Our Hake Fishcakes are made from the very best quality Hake. The Hake used comes from Sea frozen skinless hake fillets ensuring top quality which shows in the taste. The Fishcakes are made up of 70% hake and 30% a potato blend with herbs and spices. Order our Hake Fishcakes online today and get them delivered directly to your door!

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Salmon & Hake Fishcakes | 6 Pack | 600g Pack

Product: Uncooked Salmon & Hake Fish Cakes Our Fishcakes have a clean Salmon and Hake flavour and cooked potato with light lemon and dill notes....

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Calamari Rings | Tempura | 500g

Our tempura calamari rings are a delicious meal or snack that's easy to prepare. The squid rings are hand cut and dipped in a panko crumb that provides a tasty crunch when cooked. The refreshing texture and taste of the distinctive crumb compliment the firmness and light flavour of the squid. Order our panko Calamari Rings online today, and get it delivered directly to your door!

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A basket of fried prawn with lemon wedges and sauce on a newspaper, on a wooden table

Panko Prawn Cutlets | 500g

Crispy, golden, and delicious, these panko prawn cutlets are a must-try! Made with the finest Argentinian prawns and coated in light, airy Japanese panko breadcrumbs, ideal for a quick snack or a fancy meal. Easy to cook and impossible to resist!

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Salt & Pepper Squid Bites | 500g

A blend of pepper and spiced batter perfectly compliment each other with the mild taste of our natural Squid. The tender squid meat with lightly breaded outer shell will definitely tantalise your taste buds just when its scrumptious look feasts the eye. Salt & Pepper Squid has a succulent tender texture with a superb quality crispy coating. Perfect for all types of occasions. Order our Salt and Pepper squid online today, and get it delivered straight to your door! 

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Premium Panko Prawns | Medium | 250g

Our Premium Panko Prawns are peeled, tail-on, deveined and butterflied. They are covered in a premium panko crust -perfect for deep or air frying. They become beautifully tender and crispy golden brown once fried - awesome for a premium seafood snack, dipped in an amazing sauce. Order a 250g pack of Premium Panko Prawns today, and get them delivered straight to your door!

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Snoek Fishcakes | 6 Pack | 600g Pack

Product: Uncooked Snoek Fish Cakes Our Snoek Fishcakes are uncooked and made with steamed potatoes & flavoured with a tasty combination of caramelised onions and just a hint of Apricot Jam, simply...

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Chilli Squid | 500g

Our strips of tender chilli squid is a good alternative for the traditional salt & pepper squid, especially if you fancy a bit of an extra zing to your flavour. A mild chilli flavour is suitable for a snack or party finger food.  Order our 500g pack of Chilli squid online today, and get it delivered directly to your door!

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Crispy Fish Fingers | Hake | 700g

Our crispy hake fish fingers are the perfect addition to any meal! Made with 100% sustainably sourced hake, these fish fingers are lightly breaded and fried to a golden brown for the ultimate crunch. They're a great source of protein and make for a quick and easy dinner option.

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Crumbed Garlic Mussels | 500g

Product: Our half-shell crumbed garlic mussels are sustainably farmed on ropes. They are grown in fresh, clean, cold and nutrient-rich water that’s perfect for growing...

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Haddock Fishcakes | 6 Pack | 600g


Haddock is a mild, white fish that's packed with flavour and nutrients. Our fishcakes are made with fresh haddock that's caught locally and sustainably. The flaky texture of the fish is perfect for blending with other ingredients like potatoes, onions, and herbs, resulting in a mouthwatering taste experience that's hard to beat. 

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A bowl of golden-brown tempura prawns garnished with green onions and lemon.

Tempura Prawns | Argentinian | Wild-Caught | 500g

These peeled, tail-on prawns, sourced from high-quality, wild-caught Argentinian waters, are coated in a distinctive Japanese tempura batter. With their polished finish, these prawns clearly stand out as a premium battered product.

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Seafood Saver Box | Seafood Assortment | 2Kg


Introducing the Seafood Saver's Box – a curated selection designed for those who appreciate the simplicity and richness of quality seafood. Our thoughtfully assembled box brings together hake portions, peeled prawns, salmon ribbons, and tempura calamari rings, offering a diverse culinary experience.

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