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Cleaned Calamari Tubes & Tentacles | 500g

Our premium quality Loligo, salt water squid is packaged as 70% tubes and 30% heads (tentacles). It is caught off the coast of Spain, Argentina and New Zealand. It is expertly cleaned, skinless, low in fat and calories. Order a 500g pack of fresh, blast frozen, cleaned and prepared, Calamari online today and get it delivered straight to your door!

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A bowl of cooked Argentinian prawns, with some herbs on top.

Argentinian Prawns | Wild-Caught | Large | 750g Bag

Our large Argentinian  Prawns are sea-frozen, sealing the nutritional value, moisture and taste - ensuring maximum freshness. Argentinian Prawn meat is deliciously tender and sweet. The Prawns are also the largest size available. Order a 750g of our Argentinian prawns and have them delivered directly to your door today.

Lobster Tail | South Coast

Succulent, tender and delicious when cooked. Our cold water, South coast spiny lobster or crayfish is known to be the sustainable alternative to almost extinct west coast spiny lobsters. Order a single tail portion, delivered directly to your door!

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Scallops | Alaskan Hand Dove | Wild-caught | 350g

Our Scallops are wild-caught by hand off the Alaskan Coast and boast an unbelievable flavour and delicate texture. These premium sea scallops come frozen, raw and ready to cook, so you can serve them up just the way you like them. Relish the taste of this delicacy and order 350g of alaskan hand dove scallops today and get them delivered straight to your door.

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Peeled Argentinian prawns on a wooden board with lime and herbs in the background.

Argentinian Prawns | Peeled & Cleaned | Prawn Meat | 400g

We sea freeze our famous Argentinian red prawns to lock in their nutritional value, moisture, and taste, preserving their utmost freshness. Locally, we then de-shell and devein them upon arrival, leaving behind only the finest quality prawn meat.

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Octopus Legs | 1Kg


These Octopus legs are delicious grilled, pickled or poached in its own juices. Caught as bi-catch when fishing for hake, this species is Octopus Magnificus and Octopus Vulgaris, they are a deep water species caught at a depth between 110m and 800m deep. Order a 1kg of octopus legs online today and get it delivered directly to your door

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Greenland Snow Crab | Wild-caught | 500g


Indulge in the sweet and succulent flavour of our wild-caught snow crab. These have been caught in the the icy waters of Greenland. They are a highly sought after crab due to it's meat being having a delicate, slightly sweet flavour and a tender, flaky texture.

Orange Namibian Crab | Wild-caught


Looking for a new seafood delicacy to tantalise your taste buds? Try our Orange Namibian Crab. These crabs are wild-caught in the icy waters off the coast of Namibia, where they thrive in the pristine conditions. Our Namibian Orange crab is perfect for sharing with family and friends.

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3 Lobster Tails | South Coast | 460g

Succulent, tender and delicious when cooked. Our cold water, South coast spiny lobster or crayfish is known to be the sustainable alternative to almost extinct west coast spiny lobsters. Order a pack of 3 cleaned and prepped and tails, delivered directly to your door!
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Calamari Rings | Cleaned | 340g


Discover the tantalising flavour of our ocean-fresh calamari rings from New Zealand. Perfectly cleaned and ready for your gourmet dishes. Each 340g pack promises consistent quality of premium Loligo Squid, caught off the coasts of New Zealand.

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