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A bag of peeled prawns with a plane white background and colourful blue and red packaging.
A bowl of fresh, peeled prawns, ready for cooking. The prawns are clean and have a vibrant, pinkish-orange hue, indicating freshness. They are neatly arranged in the bowl, with their tails intact, showcasing their plump and succulent texture.

Peeled Prawns | Medium | 800g

Selected for their outstandingly sweet & juicy meat, generous size per prawn and deliciousness. They come pre-cut, deveined and peeled - making them ready to cook into an amazing seafood dish once defrosted. Order a bag of our head off, shell off, Vannamei Prawns and get it delivered straight to your door.

45 in stock

Cleaned Calamari Tubes & Tentacles | 500g

Our premium quality Loligo, salt water squid is packaged as 70% tubes and 30% heads (tentacles). It is caught off the coast of Spain, Argentina and New Zealand. It is expertly cleaned, skinless, low in fat and calories. Order a 500g pack of fresh, blast frozen, cleaned and prepared, Calamari online today and get it delivered straight to your door!

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A bowl of cooked Argentinian prawns, with some herbs on top.

Argentinian Prawns | Wild-Caught | Large | 750g Bag

Our large Argentinian  Prawns are sea-frozen, sealing the nutritional value, moisture and taste - ensuring maximum freshness. Argentinian Prawn meat is deliciously tender and sweet. The Prawns are also the largest size available. Order a 750g of our Argentinian prawns and have them delivered directly to your door today.

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Easy-Peel Prawns | Medium Shell-Cut | 800g

Selected for their outstandingly sweet & juicy meat these prawns are firm favourite and flavorful. They come pre-cut and deveined making them ready to be cooked into a mouth-watering meal in minutes. They are easy peeling, head-off, shell on prawns. Order 800g of Easy-peel, Shell-cut Vannamei prawns online and have them delivered straight to your door.

Lobster Tail | South Coast

Succulent, tender and delicious when cooked. Our cold water, South coast spiny lobster or crayfish is known to be the sustainable alternative to almost extinct west coast spiny lobsters. Order a single tail portion, delivered directly to your door!

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Half Shell Mussels | 800g

Our half shell mussels are sustainably farmed on ropes. They are grown in fresh, clean, cold and nutrient-rich water that’s perfect for growing incredible mussels....

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Scallops | Alaskan Hand Dove | Wild-caught | 350g

Our Scallops are wild-caught by hand off the Alaskan Coast and boast an unbelievable flavour and delicate texture. These premium sea scallops come frozen, raw and ready to cook, so you can serve them up just the way you like them. Relish the taste of this delicacy and order 350g of alaskan hand dove scallops today and get them delivered straight to your door.

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Calamari Goujons | 500g


Our Calamari Goujons are tender calamari strips with savoury Southern-fried spice. This product is a perfect snack, for guests or the kids. Our premium quality local caught Squid is Caught off the South Coast. They are then cleaned, dusted with a delicious crumb and lightly cooked to ensure a crisp crumb once properly cooked. Order a 500g pack of our crumbed Calamari Goujons online today, and get it delivered straight to your door!

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Peeled Argentinian prawns on a wooden board with lime and herbs in the background.

Argentinian Prawns | Peeled & Cleaned | Prawn Meat | 400g

We sea freeze our famous Argentinian red prawns to lock in their nutritional value, moisture, and taste, preserving their utmost freshness. Locally, we then de-shell and devein them upon arrival, leaving behind only the finest quality prawn meat.

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Raw black tiger prawns with stripes on a slate, with salt, tomatoes, and lemon oil.

Black Tiger Prawns | Large | 800g

Our Tiger Prawns are sustainably farmed in Indonesia. They are then blast frozen which ensures the best quality and freshness of the prawn. These are seen by many as the best quality and tasting prawns in the world.

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Calamari Rings | Tempura | 500g

Our tempura calamari rings are a delicious meal or snack that's easy to prepare. The squid rings are hand cut and dipped in a panko crumb that provides a tasty crunch when cooked. The refreshing texture and taste of the distinctive crumb compliment the firmness and light flavour of the squid. Order our panko Calamari Rings online today, and get it delivered directly to your door!

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A basket of fried prawn with lemon wedges and sauce on a newspaper, on a wooden table

Panko Prawn Cutlets | 500g

Crispy, golden, and delicious, these panko prawn cutlets are a must-try! Made with the finest Argentinian prawns and coated in light, airy Japanese panko breadcrumbs, ideal for a quick snack or a fancy meal. Easy to cook and impossible to resist!

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Salt & Pepper Squid Bites | 500g

A blend of pepper and spiced batter perfectly compliment each other with the mild taste of our natural Squid. The tender squid meat with lightly breaded outer shell will definitely tantalise your taste buds just when its scrumptious look feasts the eye. Salt & Pepper Squid has a succulent tender texture with a superb quality crispy coating. Perfect for all types of occasions. Order our Salt and Pepper squid online today, and get it delivered straight to your door! 

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Premium Panko Prawns | Medium | 250g

Our Premium Panko Prawns are peeled, tail-on, deveined and butterflied. They are covered in a premium panko crust -perfect for deep or air frying. They become beautifully tender and crispy golden brown once fried - awesome for a premium seafood snack, dipped in an amazing sauce. Order a 250g pack of Premium Panko Prawns today, and get them delivered straight to your door!

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12 Oysters | Large

Our ocean cultivated pacific oysters are sustainably farmed in Saldana Bay on the West Coast. After harvesting and blast frozen to ensure the best quality.  Some of the most common flavours you may taste in an oyster are butter/cream, hints of melon or cucumber, sweet, salty or 'briny', and a rusty, copper taste. These open by themselves once defrosted! Order whole oysters, delivered straight to your door!  
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Butterflied Prawns | Medium | Deveined | 800g

Chosen for their beautiful meat which is sourced all the way from Ecuador. They come butterflied and deveined making them ready to be cooked into a mouth-watering meal in minutes. They are blast frozen to ensure the meat is kept to its best quality. Their heads are kept on for extra flavour and presentation. Order 800g of our Butterflied, deveined Vannamei prawns online and have them delivered straight to your door.
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Chilli Squid | 500g

Our strips of tender chilli squid is a good alternative for the traditional salt & pepper squid, especially if you fancy a bit of an extra zing to your flavour. A mild chilli flavour is suitable for a snack or party finger food.  Order our 500g pack of Chilli squid online today, and get it delivered directly to your door!

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Atlantic Golden Crab Claws | 500g

Our golden crabs claws are from a large, non-swimming crab found in the Gulf of Mexico and the South Atlantic Ocean's deep waters. This exotic crab's white meat and delicate flavour complement a wide range of seafood flavours. Order our Atlantic golden crab claws today, and get it delivered straight to your door!
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Octopus Legs | 1Kg


These Octopus legs are delicious grilled, pickled or poached in its own juices. Caught as bi-catch when fishing for hake, this species is Octopus Magnificus and Octopus Vulgaris, they are a deep water species caught at a depth between 110m and 800m deep. Order a 1kg of octopus legs online today and get it delivered directly to your door

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Greenland Snow Crab | Wild-caught | 500g


Indulge in the sweet and succulent flavour of our wild-caught snow crab. These have been caught in the the icy waters of Greenland. They are a highly sought after crab due to it's meat being having a delicate, slightly sweet flavour and a tender, flaky texture.

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