Zoom Caught Online Medium Shell-Cut Easy Peel Prawns 800g

Medium Shell-Cut Easy Peel Prawns 750g

R 235.00


Selected for their outstandingly sweet & juicy meat these prawns are firm and flavorful. They come pre-cut and deveined making them ready to be cooked into a mouth-watering meal in minutes. They are easy peeling, head off, shell on prawns. There is a 20% glaze on the prawns to ensure that they are kept as fresh as possible.

* Please note that we cannot guarantee the extent to which the prawns have been deveined as we do not do the deveining ourselves however they are usually very well cleaned. Please check them before cooking. 


These prawns are juicy & firm in texture and have a slightly sweet taste. Simply Delicious! 


These prawns are farmed without the use of the harmful chemicals that pollute waterways as well as any antibiotics. They are untreated with any additional chemicals post-harvesting and they have no glaze added to them, all of which is reflected in their taste.

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