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Atlantic Golden Crab Claws | 500g

Our golden crabs claws are from a large, non-swimming crab found in the Gulf of Mexico and the South Atlantic Ocean's deep waters. This exotic crab's white meat and delicate flavour complement a wide range of seafood flavours. Order our Atlantic golden crab claws today, and get it delivered straight to your door!

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Greenland Snow Crab | Wild-caught | 500g

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Indulge in the sweet and succulent flavour of our wild-caught snow crab. These have been caught in the the icy waters of Greenland. They are a highly sought after crab due to it's meat being having a delicate, slightly sweet flavour and a tender, flaky texture.

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Orange Namibian Crab | Wild-caught


Looking for a new seafood delicacy to tantalise your taste buds? Try our Orange Namibian Crab. These crabs are wild-caught in the icy waters off the coast of Namibia, where they thrive in the pristine conditions. Our Namibian Orange crab is perfect for sharing with family and friends.

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Soft Shell Crab | 4 Pack | 400g Pack

Our soft shell, mud (mangrove) crabs are simply delicious, something not many South Africans have had the pleasure of trying. Fry them up in some batter and they become crispy and tasty! Order 4 soft shell, mangrove crab straight to your door, today!

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Green Crab Sections | 1Kg

Full of flavour that will go great in any curry!

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