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Father's Day Deals


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A bag of peeled prawns with a plane white background and colourful blue and red packaging.
A bowl of fresh, peeled prawns, ready for cooking. The prawns are clean and have a vibrant, pinkish-orange hue, indicating freshness. They are neatly arranged in the bowl, with their tails intact, showcasing their plump and succulent texture.

Peeled Prawns | Medium | 800g

Original price was: R299,00.Current price is: R279,00.

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A bowl of cooked Argentinian prawns, with some herbs on top.

Argentinian Prawns | Wild-Caught | Large | 750g Bag


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Easy-Peel Prawns | Medium Shell-Cut | 800g

Original price was: R289,00.Current price is: R269,00.

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Peeled Argentinian prawns on a wooden board with lime and herbs in the background.

Argentinian Prawns | Peeled & Cleaned | Prawn Meat | 400g


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Raw black tiger prawns with stripes on a slate, with salt, tomatoes, and lemon oil.

Black Tiger Prawns | Medium | 800g


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A basket of fried prawn with lemon wedges and sauce on a newspaper, on a wooden table

Panko Prawn Cutlets | 500g


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Premium Panko Prawns | Medium | 250g


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A bowl of golden-brown tempura prawns garnished with green onions and lemon.

Tempura Prawns | Argentinian | Wild-Caught | 500g


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Seafood Saver Box | Seafood Assortment | 2Kg

Original price was: R725,00.Current price is: R699,00.

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Salt Water Vannamei Prawns | Medium | 800g

Original price was: R269,00.Current price is: R249,00.

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