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Imperial | Cru Caviar | 50g


Cru Caviar is renowned as one of the best caviars in the world, embodying a rich legacy of history, expertise, and passion. The Bettinazzi family established multiple farms with unique microclimatic conditions, pristine waters, and diverse sturgeon species, producing four distinct Cru caviars and a range of versatile caviar products.

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With a bold and robust flavour, delicious and refined, this caviar leaves no room for indecision. Its amber to golden brown hue complements its deep taste, perfect for true caviar enthusiasts. Produced from Siberian sturgeon, the eggs are medium-large, reaching up to 3 mm in diameter.

Species: Acipenser baerii

Color: Amber

Flavour: Decisive and robust

Cru Caviar embodies a rich legacy of history, expertise, and passion. In 1972, the Bettinazzi family, who had been farmers for three generations, ventured into aquafarming, meticulously overseeing every stage of the fish’s growth with unwavering dedication. By 1995, the company shifted its focus to sturgeon farming, establishing various sites with unique microclimatic conditions that seamlessly blend with the surrounding natural landscape. Each farm boasts pristine waters and diverse sturgeon species, enabling the production of four distinct Cru caviars and a range of versatile products made from pure caviar.

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