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Oyster Rockefeller

Thinking about a quick easy seafood starter? Make a big impression without the effort? Rockefeller oysters will do the trick. You


Seared tuna & Rocket Pear Salad

If you love seared tuna, then you will love the quick fish dish. A healthy and easy tuna salad!  SERVES 2 | COOKS IN – 20 MINUTES | DIFFICULTY – EASY Ingredients 2 x sashimi grade tuna steaks  Salt Freshly ground black pepper 2 tbsp. black sesame seeds 2 tbsp. white sesame seeds 1 tbsp. vegetable oil FOR DRESSING Juice


Creamy tomato prawn pasta

Linguine with tomatoes, greens, and prawns in a buttery sauce? What could go wrong. A quick and easy prawn and pasta dish, packed with flavour from the cheese and butter, perfect for creamy-rich lunch or dinner! SERVES 4 |COOKS IN – 35 MINUTES | DIFFICULTY – EASY Ingredients 450g of linguine (or pasta of choice)


Oyster Rockefeller

Thinking about a quick easy seafood starter? Make a big impression without the effort? Rockefeller oysters will do the trick. You can make a lovely little appetiser that you and your guests will drool over.  These oysters, topped with spinach and buttery bread crumbs, will disappear faster than you can say Rockefeller. Perfect for a valentines treat or a


Tomato Crab Curry with Basmati Rice

Crab and curry are a match made in heaven! Crab Curry is a popular seafood dish that we often order only at restaurants. Despite the fact that everyone enjoys the taste of crab, many people are hesitant to attempt to cook the recipe. Cooking the crab, on the other hand, is not as difficult as


Lemon Cream Kingklip with Pan-fried Asparagus

This wonderful dish is terrific with creamy mashed potatoes or even a loaf of crusty bread to mop up the delicious sauce. A light and easy supper which will impress the fussiest of eaters. SERVES 4 |COOKS IN – 15 MINUTES | DIFFICULTY – SUPER EASY Ingredients 800g Caught Online Kingklip Fillets 40ml extra virgin


Lobster Pasta, Basil and Spicy Tomato Sauce

It’s getting cold – winter is around the corner. Cooking something warm and wholesome is seems to suit the mood. This dish is heartwarming dish that is full of flavour and healthy – perfect for a family stay in dinner. What a treat! SERVES 4 |COOKS IN – 45 MINUTES | DIFFICULTY – EASY Ingredients


Yellowtail Braai Fillet with Honey Sweet potato

Simplicity at its best – Traditional Yellow tail braai with some homemade sweet potato. This is based on a recipe taken from You can either braai your yellowtail whole or open. For this recipe we have chosen open. Braaing it open allows the fish meat to cook quicker and more importantly hold more of


Asian Style Norwegian Salmon

Previous Next Looking for something thats simple to prepare and fast to cook, and best of all super healthy. What could be better than salmon marinated in a sticky Asian styled sauce. Sweet, wholesome and delicious! Recipe made, photographed and curated by Jess Mc Arthur once again! Check out her blog for all things Food,


Creamy mussels with smoky bacon & cider

Here is another Jamie Oliver special – check out the recipe here. Mussels in a rich creamy sauce sounds good. Put that together with some bacon and ciabatta, now we got amazing! Who doesn’t love a little bacon? Perfect for a starter or served as some finger food! SERVES 2 |COOKS IN – 30 MINUTES


Crispy Canadian Sole with Parmesan Polenta crust (Gluten Free)

Looking for something that’s full of flavour, and has some extra crunch – then this is the seafood dish just for you. This recipe is created by Jess McArthur.  Check out her blog: – all things food, travel and wine. Enjoy with a cold glass of Sauvignon blanc! Previous Next Ingredients 4 Canadian sole

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