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Calamari Rings | Cleaned | 340g


Discover the tantalising flavour of our ocean-fresh calamari rings from New Zealand. Perfectly cleaned and ready for your gourmet dishes. Each 340g pack promises consistent quality of premium Loligo Squid, caught off the coasts of New Zealand.

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  • You will receive one 340g pack of Calamari Rings
  • Cleaned and Prepared 
  • Vacuum packed
  • Blast frozen


Begin by thoroughly defrosting your calamari portion. In a large pan, melt some butter and olive oil together. Pan Fry the calamari for about 2-3 minutes per side until the calamari has firmed up. Season with salt, pepper and lemon juice. To serve, garnish your dish with some parsley and enjoy!

Grilling or frying Calamari is recommended, although boiling, sautéing or even braising are alternative cooking methods to explore.


Delivery Info

We delivery in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria. Delivery times, dates and prices vary from location. Please look at the delivery info page for a more detailed breakdown on these topics.

Your product will delivered in a polystyrene cooler box, which is use commonly in the seafood industry to maintain temperature and more importantly quality. This helps ensure a seamless, cold-chain delivery process.


Our squid is caught off the coast of New Zealand. New Zealand fish industries are held to a strict quota management system ensuring that the squid are not overfished in their local environment.

Loligo Squid have a short lifespan and rapid growth. They generally live for one year, spawn once and then die.

Arrow squid is managed by Fisheries New Zealand (FNZ) using the Quota Management System (QMS). FNZ works in partnership with Deepwater Group (a not for profit organisation that works on behalf of fisheries quota owners) to manage and monitor the fishery. The risk assessment covers nearly 100% of all squid caught in New Zealand.

Please look at the at the for more information.

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